Commercial Handyman Services

Reliable & Professional Handyman In Oahu

Need expedited handyman and repair services? Call us at 808-285-3443 today, and we’ll be on our way! Handy Andy Hawaii have been providing professional business to business service throughout Oahu. As a business; trust, professionalism, reliability, quick, efficient, and quality service is what we look for when hiring. And we understand that’s what you’re looking for when hiring us as well. We strive to provide the best we can do to fulfill your company’s repair needs.  We are licensed and insured to ensure you that you’ve made the right choice working with us. Contact us today. We look forward to serving you!

Commercial Services

Retail Stores & Malls

From standalone retail stores, strip malls, to shopping centers, Handy Andy Hawaii are here to provide you service. Maintaining a nice and clean image for your customers is important. Call us today for fast and quick service. Or, have us on a schedule for preventative maintenance.


Your customers can’t wait. You can’t shut down your restaurant during open hours for any reason. If you have a problem, usually your customers won’t care. They just want their food and eat. But, when something breaks, you need it fixed yesterday. Call us today and we’ll be on our way!

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Serving your patients should be your primary concern, not on anything else like repairs – that’s our job and for us to worry about. Delegate the repairs to us, and you can trust that you’ll have nothing to worry about but your patience.

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Business Offices

Whether you need new equipment installations or assembly, electrical repairs, light bulb replacements, plumbing services, painting, remodeling, to general maintenance, we can do it all. Just give us, Handy Andy Hawaii, a call.

Banks & Financial Institutions

From general maintenance, cosmetic repairs, to safety and security measures, keep your facility functioning smooth. With any facility, first impressions and ambiance keep new customers coming in and loyal to your organization.


Motels to hotels, we understand that providing the utmost service and hospitality to your guests is the #1 concern. Keep your guests feeling welcomed and comfortable by keeping your establishment up to par with its repairs. From repairs, replacements, plumbing, to maintenance, our professional handymen are here to serve you.

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Governments & Municipal

Don’t just hire anyone to service your government building. Handy Andy Hawaii are licensed and insured to ensure you you’re working with professionals. We have the proper credentials to serve any government or municipal facilities.

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Manufacturing & Production

Your manufacturing facility is all about production. The more time passes with your facility not running efficiently because of repairs; the more money is being lost. Keep your production running efficient and get your needed repairs fixed. Contact Handy Andy Hawaii reliable repair and maintenance services.

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