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Your kitchen has the most amount of hazards and elements to clean. Which means that your kitchen appliances and components will deteriorate if it’s not maintained regularly. It’s the heat, water, oil, food, acidity, etc. that’ll contribute to the faster wear down of your kitchen area. When that happens, you may need to repair or replace your appliances or remodel your kitchen. Contact us for any and all of your kitchen service needs. 

Install a backsplash in your kitchen’s cooking and preparation areas to protect your walls and to make for easy cleanups. Our handyman techs will install them for you. You can be sure that it’ll be done right to ensure your safety in your kitchen work area. Whether it be ceramic, granite, stone, stainless steel, etc. we’re here to serve you so that you can serve your family. 

Are you in need of new cabinets in your kitchen? Has the bottom of your kitchen cabinets been caked on with oil? Or are you just looking to uplift the look of your kitchen? In any case, your Handy Andy Hawaii handymen are on standby to install or repair your cabinets for you. Whether it be a cabinet set you purchased from a store, or need a custom one built for your needs, our professional handyman technicians are ready to help. 

Install a countertop that’s aesthetically pleasing and/or practical for you to prepare food on. From butcher’s block, wood, ceramic, granite, stone, etc. our trained, experienced, and certified techs can install your new countertop or work to repair the existing ones. 

Kitchen Island Builds & Installs

A kitchen island can be very appealing and practical for your kitchen setup. If you’re looking to install a kitchen workspace island, Handy Andy Hawaii is your #1 trusted choice to help you do so. From building and installing the island itself to connecting the gas lines and plumbing, to setting up the hood ventilation system, we can do it all. 

Keep everything sanitary by making sure your faucets are working and in proper order. For faucet repairs, clogs, and plumbing maintenance call on Handy Andy Hawaii to be at your service. Emergency or not, contact us today, and our handymen or handywoman will be on the way. 

Tile Installation & Repairs

From tiling your kitchen floors to the backsplash or countertop, our handyman techs can provide their professional service expertise to you. The benefits of tiling your kitchen’s cooking area are for the ease of cleaning and durability. It handles high heat well without leaving burn marks easily. Or if you just require tile replacement services for your missing or cracked tiles, contact your local Handy Andy Hawaii handyman today, they’ll assist you in any way. 

Light Fixture Installation & Repair

Proper lighting is a must in your kitchen. It’s such an annoyance when you don’t have the proper lighting over your stove, and you can’t see your food cooking in the pot. Stop hassling and tilting your pan so that you can see what’s going on in there, have our handymen install the proper lighting fixtures you need. It’ll make the world of difference in your cooking and the taste of your food when you can finally see in your pots. We can also install lights in your cabinetry so that you won’t be stuck in the darkness of your cupboards looking for the salt shaker. For any of your light fixture installation and repair needs, call us – it’s a must. 

Remodel your older kitchens with us, your neighborhood trusted handyman company, Handy Andy Hawaii. All of our technicians are experienced, trained, and certified to provide you with the utmost quality in-home services. And that includes kitchen remodeling and renovation. When you’re ready to revamp your kitchen, we’ll be honored to take on that task. Contact us today to plan. Whether it be a complete renovation or if you just want to remodel specific components of your kitchen, we look forward to working with you. 

Are you in need of sink service? Perhaps you have a clog, and the food disposal is down. Call us, and we’ll remove your frown. From repairs, plumbing, sink installs, to sink replacements, we’re here to serve you. You can’t cook properly without a functioning sink. Keep sanitary by getting it fixed right away. Call in today. 

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