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Whether if you use your garage space for your vehicles, a storage unit, a living area, laboratory, recording studio, game room, “man cave,” or a workout gym, our handyman technicians are here to service any of your garage service needs. From repairs, installations, storage solution integration, to painting, we have you covered. Give us, Handy Andy Hawaii, a call today, and we’ll be on the way. 

Fan & Ventilation Installation

If you don’t have any air circulation in your garage when your garage door is closed, you may want to get a ventilation system installed. It’ll help with your home’s overall temperature and energy costs. With proper air circulation, it’ll help prevent mold and mildew from developing when humid conditions are present. If your washer and dry are in your garage, it’ll be a good idea to keep your garage’s air circulating. Contact us today to learn more and inquire. 

Garage Door Weather Stripping Installation

A weather stripper installed onto your garage door will help to keep the warm or cool air in or out of your garage. It also aides in keeping dbris from being blown in under your garage door. Get your garage weather stripped today – we’re just one call away. 

Garage Floor Coating & Painting

Garage floors are often dull and slippery by default. Our handymen can change that by either painting your garage floor or coating it with your desired color and finishes. Whether it be non-slip coating applications, ceramic coating, texturized, reflective, etc. keep your garage floor looking pristine and not just visible oils stains marking up the floor. 

Garage Organization & Storage Solutions

We’ll professionally install and/or assemble cabinets, shelving, organizers, hanging hooks, overhead storage systems, flip out/down storage units, closets, etc. Keep your garage from looking like a storage locker auction and take back your garage space. Contact us today to inquire about garage storage system solutions. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you. 

Stairs & Handrail Installations

Keep your garage and storage systems accessible. If you need stairs or ladders installed in your garage, our handyman techs can help you with that. Have us install them properly (for safety reasons) with the necessary grab bars and handrails needed to move around, up and down. 

Light Installation & Repairs

Be sure that your garage has the proper lighting for you to navigate in and out of safely. If you have a storage system in place, you may need to install lighting fixtures to illuminate those areas. Or if you have hard to reach fixtures and need the burnt out light bulbs replaced, we’ll race to serve you as soon as possible. 

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