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With all of what our Hawaii handymen can do, you can be certain that we’re able to provide you with remodeling services. From simple remodels to whole home renovations we’re here to serve you every step of the way. From the beginning (demolition) to finishing (touch ups and clean ups), no job is too big or too small for your handyman service company – Handy Andy Hawaii.

Listed Are Some Of Our Carpentry Services But Not Limited To:

Bedroom Remodeling & Renovation

Your bedroom is your personal space – it is solely meant for you. It’s a place for you to relax and rest. So, it should be modeled the way you want it to look and feel. If your bedroom isn’t the way you dream of it being, plan a remodel with us, the handyman service you can trust.

Another place of serenity, surprisingly, is your bathroom. Ever wonder why ideas come to you often when you’re taking a shower or using the bathroom? That’s because your mind relaxes when you’re using it, allowing thoughts to flow. Remodel your peaceful area to your dream bathroom and keep those ideas and revelations flowing.

Keep the love of cooking for your family strong with a kitchen remodel. A nice, ideal kitchen will enhance your food. How do we know this? Because we work with people who love what they do and it’s enhanced by the culture of our company. A remodeled kitchen can do that for you. Contact us to plan out your kitchen renovation needs.

Living Room Remodel & Renovation

If you’re looking to remodel your living room or any room for that matter, some challenges that you may come across are access to electrical outlets, fixture relocations, creating space, etc. among painting, flooring and so on. Our professional team of experienced handymen and carpenters are here to serve you any and every step of the way during your renovation.

Door Painting

Make your door an accent piece by painting, staining, or finishing it. Whether it be a wooden door, metal, glass, sliding, or a screen door, have them painted to match or accentuate your home’s color scheme. And you know we’ll be ready to do that for you. Contact us today for any and all of your home remodeling needs.

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