Grab Bars, Support Bars, Guard Rails, Anti-Slip Application, Ramps, Mobility Solutions & More

Keep your home accessible and safe for your loved ones who need mobility features throughout the home. As your loved ones age, you will like need to implement accessibility features to allow them to be mobile around the house and keep safe. We would be honored to help you make your home more comfortable by installing any of your needed mobility features. Contact us today for a free site assessment.

Have us come into your home assess and install any of the following safety and mobility equipment to make your loved one more comfortable living in place. You may also contact us to learn more about how we may serve you with living in place services:

Get these and other accessibility, safety, and mobility features installed correctly with your Handy Andy Hawaii handyman team. We’ll be honored to serve you and your family. Contact us today to inquire about these services. Thank you!

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