Repair, Assemble, Install, Hang, Maintenance & More

One key aspect of achieving optimal productiveness is your surroundings. Build and maintain your home office workspace to where you’re able to concentrate without minute distractions ruining your workflow. The littlest things could deter your productiveness such as a broken light, power outlets not working, a noisy ceiling fan, a squeaky door, or even a hole in your wall. Call Handy Andy Hawaii to build your office to benefit your production or for any repairs and office maintenance needs. 

Desk Assembly

Your office desk is the foundation of your workflow and production. Get your desk professionally assembled so that you don’t have any distractions of wobbling or squeaking. Whether it be a standalone desk, a fixed desk, custom, or a high tech adjustable stand desk, we can assemble it for you. We know you have a lot to do. Contact us today. 

Hanging Pictures & Decor

Get your pictures and decor hung properly and professionally. Keep yourself and staff inspired, motivated, and productive by prints, posters, and decor perfectly hung throughout your office. Having them hung leveled makes the world of difference in affecting productiveness or just being a distraction. We’ll hang your pictures, photographs, posters, artwork, animal mounts, mirrors, mount your monitors, televisions, speakers, and more. 

Shelves & Bookcase Installation

Keep your office organized, efficient, and looking nice by installing shelving. Have us properly install your new shelves so that it’s sturdy and level. And get your bookcases assembled and staged professionally to keep your books and files accessible and easy to find. Whether if its store bought shelving and bookcases, or would like custom ones built, our handyman techs are here to serve you. 

Panelling Installation & Repairs

Install panels in your home office to add that extra decor on your office walls and to provide practical shelving space for you to place items on. From wainscoting to crown molding installs, call your Handy Andy Hawaii handymen to plan your office decor and paneling today. 

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