Repair, Assemble, Install, Insulate, Store, Maintain, & More

Whether if you’re using your home’s basement for a living space, storage, or a laboratory, our handymen can service your basement for any of your needs. From repairs, maintenance, custom builds, assembly, installations, insulations, getting your items stored, to remodeling, whatever service you need, our experienced handyman techs are available to serve you.

Basement Remodel & Renovation

Other than being a room for storage, your basement can be utilized for an extra bedroom, game room, bar, recording studio, office, or even a laboratory. Whatever you envision for your basement, your Handy Andy Hawaii home service technicians can make it a reality. Contact us to plan your basement renovation. We’ll be honored to be a part of your project. 

Shelving & Bookcase Installation

Whether it be just for a storage solution or a nice esthetic peace to display your items, our techs can assemble, install, or build your basement shelving and/or bookcases. You may also inquire about any of our professional carpentry services for your custom basement builds and layouts. 

Entertainment Center Assembly

Professionally setup an entertainment system in your basement bedroom. Or, if you’re turning it into a designated game room or bar, we’re not far. Get your television mounted and installed properly on your sound system and video game systems. We’ll do fancy custom builds with any and all of your high tech integrations. Let’s make your entertainment center build an epic one. 

Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

Keep your basement safe and dry by installing and maintaining your pedestal or submersible sump pump system. If it has stopped working, call us for repair service. Or, it needs to be replaced, we’ll remove and replace a new unit properly. Our service guarantee will ensure your sump pump will is installed correctly to keep your basement from flooding. 

Stairs & Handrails Installation

Have your basement easily accessible by installing a set of stairs. Whether you want a retractable stair system installed or traditional wooden stairs built, our certified and trained technicians are here to fulfill your needs. Keep safe by getting handrails, grab bars, or non-skid surface application installed as well. 

TV Mounting

For proper and optimal viewing experiences for your television, get it mounted properly by our handyman professionals. Whether if you want it on a fixed TV mount or an adjustable one, protect your investment by making sure it’s installed properly and not falling off the wall in a week! 

Water Heater Insulation

It’s proven that insulating your water heater will save you 4-9% in energy costs. In fact, according to the United States Department of Energy, homes can save up to 20-30% on energy costs with simple home improvements. So, whether you would like to start saving money by getting your water heater insulated or implementing other energy saving methods to your home, contact Handy Andy Hawaii today. 

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