Electrical Repairs, Installations, Replacements & More

We highly recommend letting the professionals, us, handle any of your electrical needs. Sometimes hiring a specialized electrician is not necessary for certain electrical jobs and tasks. Save your money by having our handyman techs take care of it. Not only we’ll fulfill the job just as good; we can service other needs around your home as well.

Listed Are Some Of Our Carpentry Services But Not Limited To:

Air Conditioner & Ceiling Fan Installation

Don’t be stuck at home on a hot and humid day without anything to keep you cool. Keep your family comfortable with ceiling fans and/or an air conditioner. Whether it be a new install or a replacement, we’re your solution to take care of it. Contact your Hawaii handyman (us) today.

Lights, Switches, Motion/Security Lights, Timers, Auto Off Lights

Have us install your lighting solutions. From simple light fixture installs, light bulb replacements, light switch repairs, led lighting, to security motion detectors and high tech auto-off lights and mobile integrations, we can have your home lit. Contact us to learn more about new lighting solutions.

Hard To Reach Electric Components, Light Bulbs & Smoke Detectors

Have a light fixture 20 feet high that needs a bulb change? Not to worry we can help you. We have very tall handymen on our team. Any and all electric devices that you can’t reach we can service. From smoke detectors, ceiling fans, speakers, alarm systems, etc., don’t risk the fall, call.

Light Fixture Installation

Halogen, recessed, fluorescent, LED, incandescent, halogen, area lights, natural light implementation, to modern synchronized auto lighting solutions and mobile connected lighting, we install them all. Have us lighten up your load of to-dos.

Electrical Outlet Repair & Loose Switches

We know the struggle. You plug in your electric device, and it doesn’t power on. You switch it to another outlet, and you’re fine for a while until one day it doesn’t. Now, what do you do? Your devices can’t be powered! That’s when you call on Handy Andy Hawaii. We’ll fix your loose switches and dead outlets. Don’t be left with no power, request a service today.

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